The Only Thing To Fear, Is Fear Itself

Picture Credity: Svetlana Belyaeva Photography

Picture Credity: Svetlana Belyaeva Photography

Yesterday, I was lucky to be part of something very interesting.

After moderating an exhaustive brand exploration exercise with the founders of a new startup, a moment of silence settled in the room. A good silence. “This is scary”, said one of the founders. “We’ve been so busy with getting things done, with facing so many little challenges, that we forgot about this.”

Starting any new activity: a company, a new habit, a book, a blog, a job search is a lot of work. And it is easy to get lost in the long list of tasks that need to be done in order to make it happen. When we start we always have a big idea, but it is easy to forget the great big idea when you have to handle daily tasks to make it happen. And that’s ok.

But it is good to be reminded of the great big idea too. Not only to remind others why you are here. But to remind yourself.

And if that great big idea doesn’t scare you, then it won’t inspire you. If you are comfortable with a small vision, then nobody will notice it. Don’t ever start small, because there’s no place for small dreams and vision in the world. Start big, and take little steps everyday to make it happen.



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