What Questions Does This Raise?


I am not going to make this another post about how bad 2016 has been. We’ve seen those already. And frankly, one less reminder is better.

But I will only ask: What questions does this raise for the forthcoming years?

I have always believed, that the state of a group reflects the state of the individual. Groups; be it teams, companies, nations – also act like individuals. They have the same fears, the same irrationalities, the same ambitions.

A character that is rooted in fear, seeks freedom. A person rooted in insecurity, thrives in arrogance.

As does a nation. As does a species.

And I fear that our species as a whole; at this point, rests in fear. We are climbing back into our own shells, going back toward our own; in unhealthy ways, seeking affirmations and reminders for our invincibility as we see those around us either crumble, or survive mediocrity.

So while we build technologies to make us an interplanetary species, I fear, this is a temporary solution. History repeats itself, and we will certainly be a destructive species wherever we go. 

Perhaps this is a plea to fall on deaf ears, but I cannot ask world leaders to help us become more human again. But I can ask you, and I can ask my self.

Let’s be a little more human, again. Let’s aim to abandon fear from our selves. And while we’d love to clean up the world or crib about how somebody should, let’s start with our little corners.


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