On Putting Yourself ‘Out There’


I recently had someone come up to me and tell me that I had inspired them to start their own blog.

To say that I was taken aback, would be an understatement, for several reasons that I shan’t dwell on here. We went on to have an interesting chat on the importance of putting yourself out there.

This is something I have always felt strongly. I have sensed in people, a fundamental fear of putting ourselves out there: whether it is at a personal level in pursuit of romantic and platonic relationships; or professionally in the act of sharing our thoughts and our work.

While the professional market is structured that way; in that we have to sell our abilities, it is not surprising to find many young professionals uncomfortable with the act of having to do this. Putting ourselves out there is often a result of necessity, than choice.

Is it fear of rejection, disguised as humility?

I have often wondered what implications this has for the way our lives pan out.

So, dear reader, thank you for putting yourself out there, and reminding me to do the same. You know who you are!


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